Prayer and Work

Rabbit weather report


The monastery rabbits generously provide insulation for the nests of the monastery birds.

What’s that white fluff that appeared in patches on the grass all over the yard? It’s not manna . . . and it’s too early for the cottonwoods to be flinging their seeds about the place. I think that the numerous rabbits in residence at the monastery are shedding their winter coats. And even though we’ve recently had snow flurries, I will take the rabbits’ word for it that warmer days are in the wings since they appear sure they can be rid of this furry lining that protected them throughout the winter. The rabbits also challenge me to consider, what kind of defenses and protections have I set up within myself that I no longer need? Let me see if I can shed some of that myself, and enter into this new season lighter of heart.

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One thought on “Rabbit weather report

  1. Jennifer on said:

    They yank it out of their ruffs to make nests for their babies; not sure what metaphor you want to work that into . . . that can be another post!

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