Prayer and Work

Purity of heart


Monastery groundskeeper, S. Rita, tells me that this is, indeed, a lilac tree. It is one of many currently filling our city with fragrance, along with its linden and catalpa friends.

If you are in Chicago this evening, you know this photo was not taken today, a cool, rainy, foggy July 3rd, much more evocative of  San Francisco than Chicago. I took it one morning last week, because the night before, coming home from work, the abundance and sheer exhuberance of this flowering tree was nothing but blessing to me.  Maybe you can imagine the blooms glowing in the night since my camera is not so fancy as to capture that! The generosity of this tree and of many others throughout the city has been reminding me that the loving kindness that we are able to practice, to share with others, to be for others, blooms from within, from the purity of the heart. This might mean consciously taking more time for family or community, renewing a meditation or prayer practice, reconsidering choices about food and drink, having the humility (and wisdom!) to take a hint from a wise person. . . . All that we do to nurture the life within and to shed the  dross, makes us blessing for each other. It leads to tranquility and bloom.

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