Prayer and Work

Hallelujah, indeed


The last verse of psalm 104 inspires this embroidery project and it’s a good attitude to adopt each day of 2014.

It’s a new year and peeking out from under the deep freeze which is melting away, I find gratitude, joy and hope strong in my heart and soul. Gratitude for family, for community, and for commitment. Joy for being able to enjoy music, textiles, stories, food, moon, and all sorts of people. Hope for new projects, for healing and growth all around. Stopping, pausing, each day and throughout the day to notice and to name what is beautiful, inspiring, or loving, builds up a rich storehouse of treasure to draw on when I need to fortify others or to nourish my spirit. I once heard it explained that “cor”  or “heart” is root of the word encourage and that to encourage is to put heart into someone else. What about enjoy? Is it to put joy into yourself? I read that the oldest root is from Greek gēthein, meaning to rejoice. It’s definitely an active sort of word, enjoy, and I like unrolling it to rejoice because it has the sound to me of sharing that joy with others, giving witness; a good resolution for the new year.

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