Prayer and Work

Winter 2014: Robust and flavorful

Earlier this week, looking out the kitchen window over the snow and salt covered cityscape, a co-worker observed appreciatively that this has been a robust winter. I laughed and had to agree wholeheartedly because there is a part of me that really appreciates seasons when they are working hard to be their best selves. Winter is doing a really great job at being winter.

Checking out the word robust in an  online dictionary, the meaning is fleshed out as strong and healthy, vigorous. Check!  Winter 2014 fits that description so far. And the synonyms continue. . . . sturdy, tough, powerful, solid, muscular, sinewy, rugged, hardy, strapping, brawny, burly, husky, heavily built. You can click to get more, but I didn’t since that was plenty. Chicago, city of big shoulders, you have met your match this year.

The online dictionary also notes that the word robust came into usage in our English language in the mid-16th century and that it has its origens in the Latin robur, which meant oak and strength. Reading that, I knew I had a blog post since I could trek out over the snow in the back yard to take photos of my favorite trees. So, in case you need a positive narrative about now, I share with you: We’re sure having a robust winter this year. I know you can rise to the occasion.

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